Random Access Thoughts Patterns

Dec 2023 Update.

It turns out Substack has a Nazi problem.

I left the space and collapsed both newsletters into a new one, this time on Wordpress.

(Links to the dead Substack have been removed)

Short after opening the Digital Humanities newsletter I realized I want to open a different one. The plan was to have more freedom in writing without topic contraints, etc.

It also come out as a sort of new year’s resolution. The new newsletter is here, I already sent out two messages and there are more to come. Have a look.

(Dec 2023 update: old posts are imported in the revamping of both newsletters on Wordpress)

Here is how I have announced that back a few weeks

2023 belated resolutions: write more. So… time to start a newsletter (Medium was fine, sites are great, but I need something more direct). Expect things such as: - meta stuff on writing (Medium, websites, books, etc.); - discussing Lupin movies or Fringe as if they are things that matter; - chunk Iron Maiden’s songs in buckets to learn’em all by rhythmic subdivisions; - attempt to read Piketty’s book on capital as a self improvement / financial / mindset thing like Rich dad, poor dad; - individual thought patterns; - digging why jamtrackcentral evolved from a backing track site to JTC, the hip site for guitarists. (Main doubt was Italian vs English. If you regret the choice there are high chances the things above can be discussed over a beer. Get in touch!) (Also: starting things without a logo.)

See you in your inbox (if you wish)!