It’s getting meta?#

This is my digital garden. I came across the concept some time ago. Then I left it there. Blogging did work but I had more posts in draft than published. I felt a blog was too theme-based.

Enter digital gardens. Lyz’s Blue Book was my entry point to start doing the things.

A recent obsession with GitLab’s handbook as documentation did the rest.

Also: I investigated newsletters for a bit and ended up playing with Substack. If you are more of the kind of newsletter person, then see you in your inbox (if you wish)!


It turns out I wanted to use Read the Docs instead of Git Pages for hosting. I still have the blog I am writing posts without publishing them up on Git Pages (even though that may change). Plus, Read the Docs was an opportunity to learn something new.

First attempts with Lyz’s guide resulted in some building frustration. But I was into gardens and mkdocs. So I had all the tools to dig further. Enter Sean’s site, my next inspiration.

About the name#

The first name I typed was “Does it have to have a ‘The’ in the title to be a proper book”? I recently went through a list of books and stuff I wanted to read. But was bored by all the thes as the first word of the book’s title. I found that something annoying like the “X for humans” in software or [enter a marketing label] you do not like.

Besides my first attempt being an awful title, I realized Lyz had a The. Well, maybe that was Ludwig’s fault - yep, that’s already meta. Still, I did not want it to sound like a critical remark to Lyn.

So I’ve ended up there. And, yes, that’s getting meta.

How to improve this entry#

  • add a contributing session
  • consider a thank you section as per Lyz
  • check with Grammarly
  • proper editing
  • add a link to the history?