Saved links, clusters of stuff worked through and more#

Every now and then I open the browser and get way too much stuff in it. So every now an then I close all the tabs but take some notes or copy the list of open pages.

I’ll probably never win that fight in trying to organize the stuff. But I want to keep track of some of the stuff I’ve read or built in a cluser. Because they might be usefull. I’ll need the cluster sooner or later, but I know I will never be able to summon the tabs I need.

Link shared at work about Python requests API design. Besides the API design message (the fact something looks nice and easy for the user for the most common cases does not mean it can be a mess in design), it opened the drama on the requests funding and some open source dynamics.

I think I’ve read in The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Python that requests is a good example of organizing a Python projects and its API. (One of the book authors was recommmanding his project.)

So, food for thought.

Stapleton Cordas also has an extra piece on open source I’d like to get into

Pygame and game development#

More games#


What if using Godot would make things easier compared to RenPy or PyGame? There’s an opportunity of learning a game engine, see PyGame from a new perspective and more. Let’s start storing these as well:

More game dev#

Repos and Tools#

Reaper DAW#

I’ve installed Reaper and I am now trying to be able to do with that the things I did with an old cubase. It turns out the Reaper ecosystem has a lot of stuff to be explored. You know the deal, save links here for future perusement.

SCAMP: Suite for Computer-Assisted Music in Python#

What about using Python to create music?


Pixel art (and RenPy)#

Fullstack python#

I toyed with the idea of making some dashboard visualization with dash, and even deployed that. I’ve explored the issue a bit further to consider if I could make a whole app with decoupled FE and BE using only Python. Here’s a wrap up of the links (for the actual project upgrade I think I can stick to the Django stack following the work done on Boookwyrm

This starts with this

Python Deploys (a Dash story)#

Back in December and early January 2024 I worked on a small Dash App with login etc. This left many tabs opened ob how to add logging into Dash, how to deploy that and how to add emails for password recovery.