What White People Can Do Next and Science as a Vocation#

During a weekend I was reading both Weber’s Science as a Vocation and Emma Dabiri’s What White People Can Do Next.

Weber’s book was my dad’s edition when he was in university. Seeing dad working through the text was an interesting experience. Besides the personal experience, the text was a huge delusion. Maybe I had some exaggerated “that’s a classic” expectation but… it sounded a lot like a meme old (white) man saying platitudes from his privileges.

Ok, maybe the contrast with Dabiri’s book is getting in between me and Weber. I appreciated the US vs European (i.e. German) approach to uni. And the part on “making it a career in academia is hard, depends on luck, etc”. Maybe I should have read that before during my academic path, but I guess it wouldn’t have made any difference.

Ok, that’s getting meta and psycho.

TL;DR: Dabiri’s book resonated and had an impact. It seems to be talking about this world. Weber does not. Despite Weber beeing probably “closer” in many ways.

That is both strange to feel but it makes me feel a breath of optimism. And that does not happen often.

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