Digital Humanities, the Book

In a transition phase from academia to programming, I’ve eased my way into the new life doing the best thing I could in an academic setting: write a book.

Programming Digital Humanities. Python (and More) for Academia#

I wrote a book about Digital Humanities from an academic perspective and also an “I want to go there perspective”. The book can be read here, you can download it in your preferred format on LeanPub, and you can have a look at the code on GitHub.

Stuff Learned#

Writing the book was a great learning experience. Publishing the book was an extra set of lessons to be learned. R Bookdown was great for writing, but I learned LeanPub had different views on some markdown aspects. Further, I wanted to have it on GitHub but that created an extra issue.

In the end, it turns hard to have all the items synched up, especially now that, many months after the academia into industry transition, I feel like the whole book needs some update. We’ll see!

How to improve this entry#

  • check with Grammarly
  • proper editing
  • develop the three source issue
  • update project?